Anti-American groups have organized for the purpose of destroying America

We seek to expose the tactics of Occupy, domestic terrorists, and other groups that work to undermine the essence of America and who mean harm to our American way of life.

We wholeheartedly stand proudly behind law enforcement, recognizing that many anti-American groups wish to dismantle the tradition of community policing. A lawless society is not a civil society.

We are a country based on law, individual accountability and mutual respect. It is our desire to come up with common sense solutions to the problems we are facing, because we refuse to stand by and watch the US disintegrate at the hands of anarchists.

We encourage civil, robust discussion, but do not tolerate racism toward any ethnic group, nor do we tolerate hate speech toward anyone.


What Mainstream Media wont show you, we will.

Why is the question?

Mainstream Media isn't showing you the protests by the same groups here in the USA that are out in the streets daily in other countries. What is it they are afraid you will find out? Probably because they are all inter-connected groups wishing to destabilize their governments, many have already! Propaganda & Half Truths is what you will see on the screens in here, we are here to expose them.


NoThiefsAllowed is a group based in the USA.

Built upon patriotic like-minded people.

A group of Anti-Occupy Americans. We study protesters for analysis, learning about new threats to our way of life every day. We encourage opposing views. We believe our country has strayed from the U.S. Constitution. We expose people that mean harm to our American Freedoms and Constitutional beliefs. Visit our fourm below to learn more.


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Streaming live 24/7 as content allows. If not, there is always something to watch!

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LIVE streaming page with a few extras on the page to keep you busy.

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Twitter manned by member here at NTA bringing you news. Personal account at bottom of page.

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NoThiefsAllowed's YouTube

NoThiefsAllowed's YouTube Channel where the chat is non-moderated. Warning: not a safe space.

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